Thailand’s Control of Corruption Percentile

I spent a short break from my class preparation looking at the corruption index of Thailand. A lot of political protests in Thailand were stirred up from the corruption issues. So I took a quick glance of the data and want to share it with you!.

The data I used to build the graph and figures is obtained from Worldwide Governance Indicator of the World Bank.The detail can be found on Worldwide Governance Indicators

Control of corruption captures perceptions of the extent to which public power is exercised for private gain, including both petty and grand forms of corruption, as well as “capture” of the state by elites and private interests (World Bank, 2016).

Percentile indicates rank of the country among all countries in the world. Zero corresponds to lowest rank and one hundred corresponds to the highest rank.

Thailand Control of Corruption

Average percentile over the different Prime Minister’s periods;

Taksin Shinawatra (2001-2006) : 50.2

Surayud Chulanont (2006-2008): 43

Abhisit Vejjajiva: 49.33

Yingluck Shinawatra: 47

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