Articles and Papers

      • Pratoomchat, P. (2015), “Tourism-led growth hypothesis in ASEAN”, working paper.
      • Pratoomchat, P. (2014), “Physical Capital, Human Capital and Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Growth in Asian Economies”, presented at the 14th Convention of the East Asian Economics Association, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, November 1-2, 2014.
      • Pratoomchat, P. (2014), “A Combination of Neo-classical Growth Model with Capital Inflows on Asian Economies” Working paper presenting at the 14th International Convention of the East Asian Economic Association, Chulalongkorn Univesity, Bangkok, November 1st-2nd, 2014.
      • Pratoomchat, P., Reylnolds, S.E., and Gander, J.P. (2012) “Financial Variables in a Post Keynesian Model (modified Thirlwall-Hussain model) of East Asian Growth”, Working paper presented at the 27th International Conference of the American Committee for Asian Economic Studies (ACAES)-Financial Econometrics group (FEG) at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, October 26-27th , 2012.
      • Pratoomchat, P. (2011), “Testing Thirlwall’s model on Asian Economic Growth ” in the 3rd Graduate Student Workshop sponsored by the Department of Economics at the Colorado State University on October 22, 2011


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